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  1. My first something for sure is that Lombardis Resturant is the best! We have been going there for 15 yrs They opened in 1996. In all the years of dreaming about singing I never dreamed it would be there. We had gone one of the outdoor concerts Music In The Parks sponsored by City of Everett, Lombardis, Meyers Cafe and Port Gardener Inn as we had in the past.( A great Saturday night date thing through the summer). We went into Lombardis to get some take out to enjoy on the lawn. Our band had just started to look for gigs and had a tryout gig cominng up at Prohibition Grille. Leo asked the Manager Nate at the counter if they ever have music. He said we are right now outside. Leo says no I mean in here. Nate : well we have been considering it. Leo: what do you think you are looking for? Nate: Maybe a small Jazz group Leo: I just happen to have one…… Nate : give me a call in about a month and we can talk. AMAZING to me. And so began a new thing for us and Lombardis. Thank you to Nate for giving us such an oppourtunity. And Thank you to Leo for getting this venue….

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